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I need to make decisions [clear my clutter]

[clearing my clutter]

I discarded several useless dishes and broken things
such as an unrepairable umbrella this morning.
I understand that I have to clear my clutter to become free.
I know that I need to remove much more my clutter.
But it is difficult for me
since I don't understand what is important clearly.
I need to make decisions about what I do.

[I really need to use a timer]

Recently, I eat old foods to clear eatable clutter.
To cook old dry beans, I searched cooking of beans and
I have read about beans through internet for a long time today.
I could not stop reading and spent too much time to read articles.
And I could not finish my plan.
I really need to use a timer when I read something.
Otherwise I cannot do what I should do.
I will use a timer tomorrow.


I found 2 companies' websites below and I respect its authors.
1) website of a company that treats beans (in Japanese)
2) website of a company that treats bamboo products (in Japanese)
The 2 websites made me thinking about how to keep good environment.
I am grateful for the internet and authors of a lot of articles on websites.
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[to finish something important]

When I got up this morning, I wanted to list up what I would do today.
But I could not do so and I could not finish anything important.
This is not the first case for me.
Maybe I should make tomorrow's plan in the evening
and I have made tomorrow's list of what I should do.

I think that it is enough if I try to finish 1 or 2 important plan in a day.
Here, the plan is a small one that should be finished in a few hours.


I have wasted a lot of time.
I have spent my life without finishing necessary things.
I cannot change the past.
But I may be able to change myself little by little.
I want to start an action to become who I want to be.
Though I don't know who I want to be and what I want to do,
I am grateful for I can try to find it.
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an early dinner


I am at a house of my relatives now. There are 5 relatives and I in the house now for we will have an early dinner together this evening at a restaurant. One of the relatives was in a hospital until the last April to remove big gallstones. But it seems that he can eat everything except for a ‬block of meat. Though an early stage cancer was found during his hospital days, he may live with it since he is not young.


All of us seem to have some health problems. But fortunately we can walk by ourselves (though one lady has pain on her knees and I am very sorry for her) and seem healthy. I think I am lucky.

[clearing paper clutters]

I have a lot of books and papers. Since they are too many for the place, they are clutters. Each of the books seems valuable and it is difficult for me to discard them. Maybe I should think deeper to select what books are really necessary for me.


I will have my first private desk & chair at the end of this month. I am very happy to have them in a living room of my relative. I would like to clear my main clutter until the end of this month.
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we must feel gravity to keep our healthy bones and clear mind


I was in my futon yesterday.
Since we must feel gravity to keep our healthy bones and clear mind,
I went out from the house in the evening for about 30 minutes.
But I could not read nor write.

[Nagoya visit]

Today, I got bus tickets of between Tokyo & Nagoya again.
I go to Nagoya on 31/May and go back through Tokyo on 02/June.
I will help my relative to get rid of some things
to prepare for the remodeling of her old condominium.
The construction starts on 06/June and ends around 25/June.
She invites me at the end of the construction as the first guest.
This time, I have a plan to meet my old friend on 01/June.


From the last April, I am registered as a volunteer.
There was an opportunity to teach Origami for foreign guests.
I love Origami and I applied for it.
But I could not join it since I have not enough English skill.
It seems that some English license was necessary
to work as a volunteer.


I am grateful for I can write this weblog without any English license.
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[The Art of Okumura Togyu]

I’ve been under the weather for a few days. I might have caught a cold.
But I went to Yamatane Museum on 22/May to enjoy the exhibition,
The Art of Okumura Togyu.

You can see outline of the exhibition at the URL below.
You can find some pictures on the third page.


I love the art of Togyu very much. I am very happy for I could visit the exhibition.
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I am in a high way bus.

I am in a high way bus to go to Tokyo from Nagoya.

[In these days]
I was at Nagoya again to help my relative
to remodel her old condominium.
We got rough estimations from 3 companies
and she chosen the best one.

I found my place to live for a while.
I will have my time on weekdays from the day after tomorrow
and update my weblog.
Since I had hard time and I will have my free time again,
I can thank for my present situation very much.
I am very lucky.
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in these days

[in these days]
I could not update my weblog.
I spent these days with my relative or relatives these days.
I was with my relative or relatives for 24 hours per day
and I was exhausted.
I could not have my time and could not relax at all
and could not sleep well.
Unfortunately my relatives and I just aren’t compatible.
I was in Kyoto, Ohara, Nagoya and Gifu.
At Nagoya, I helped my relative to find options of
ordering destination for her
to have her old apartment remodeled.
I would like to write about it later.

I am at a cafe Renoir in Tokyo alone now
and am taking a breather.
Though it is less than an hour,
I am very happy for I have my time now.
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it takes long to get prints from black & white film [photo]

[it takes long to get prints from black & white film]

I took photos with my film camera at our farewell dinner
in the last month because I wanted to take good photos.
I had to finish development of the film before I got on an airplane
and I went to a photo shop using buses
since they didn't develop black & white films at the nearest camera shop.

Yesterday I went to my favorite photo shop
for some prints of the farewell dinner from black & white films.
Now it takes 1 week or more since they don't do it at the photo shop.


I go to the house of my relatives again tomorrow.
Then I visit Kyoto. And I stay at the house of my another relative.
When I was young, I had lived in Kyoto for 6 years.
I thank for I can visit Kyoto soon.
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TSUTAYA bought my books [clear my clutter]

[TSUTAYA bought my books]
TSUTAYA bought my books
and I got 1,330 JPY.
For example, the book of Mitsuwo Aida
"Ningen-damono (Since we are human being)" was 30 JPY.

I am very happy for someone may enjoy the books
that I don't need.
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books and clothes [clear my clutter]

[books and clothes]
I am selecting books that I take to TSUTAYA to sell.
I read unread books and
selected 10 and some books.
I know well that I have to discard much more books.
I am wondering if reading unread my books is good
for it takes time.
Maybe I should select books without reading.
I selected several clothes in good condition to donate.
I have kept some clothes more than 20 years.
Probably 20 years is too long to keep clothes.
But it is not easy for me to finish keeping them
because I like them very much.

I understand that I should discard more than 80% of my stub.
But it is not easy for me since I love most of them.
I thank that I love a lot of things.
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