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lifetime of a camera [photo]

When I had to purchase my first camera, there were no digital cameras in the world.
I went to a second hand camera shop in Tokyo.
I told a shop assistant that I want to have a Japanese simple camera with no complicated function since I am a beginner at all.
My camera does not have to be very strong if I can use it until my death.

It seemed that the shop assistant was surprised about my order.
"What!? Until your death?" he asked to me.
"Yes. Maybe for 50 or 60 years" I replied.
He said, "Oh, it is impossible!
You cannot use a Japanese camera until your death.
Their support for each camera is not so long.
Even if you select NIKON, their support period is around 10 years."

It was my turn to be surprised.
"Only for 10 years!? So a Japanese camera will be broken in only 10 years?"
He said, "A camera may not be broken. But period of support for a battery or other electronic or plastic parts is limited."
I was very sad to hear that.

He said, "You may buy a LEICA. It's German camera".
"You mean that German cameras are better than Japanese ones?"
"No. But there are many experts to repair LEICA in Japan.
You can use a LEICA until your death".

On that day, I went back to my apartment with no camera.
Though I didn't buy a LEICA at that time,
I purchased it with the help of one of my friends later.

I hope that I can use it until my death
and I get a digital camera that I can use until my death.

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